CSA in the News August Round-Up

Rounded-up by Kris

Here’s a brief wrap-up of important CSA stories in the news during the month of August.

Sandusky’s ‘Victim No. 1’ talks about preventing child sex abuse
In this article, Aaron Fisher shares his story at the Crimes Against Children Conference. He discusses how he’s moved away from being a victim and into the role of empowering others.

Police, victims advocates focus on sex abuse
This article spotlights the film “Pursuit of Truth” featuring Randy Ellis, a survivor who is working with his local police department in Ashland, OR to bring awareness to the difficulties survivors face in reporting their abuse and navigating the courts.

Injustices of child sexual abuse, domestic trafficking are coming to light
This article features Thistle Farms; a social enterprise and recovery program for female adult survivors of child sex trafficking and prostitution in Nashville, TN. Thistle Farms will be hosting a national conference called Welcome to the Circle in Nashville, October 13-15.

Local organizations set new record in efforts to prevent child sexual abuse
This is a story about Charleston, SC based CSA prevention group Darkness to Light and their honoring of 48 local organizations with designations as “Partners in Prevention”.

California bill to reopen window for childhood sex abuse lawsuits advances amid church opposition

Illinois students to get sexual abuse education

CSA news stories from other countries:

Judges dealing with child sex abuse cases to be hand picked to give victims greater protection
In response to aggressive cross-examination of sexual abuse victims and child witnesses during trials, the most senior judge in England has created a special panel to hand-pick judges to preside over the most sensitive sexual abuse and assault cases. The special list of judges will be those known for preventing aggressive cross-examination and will also receive special training about CSA victims and witnesses in order to protect them from further harm during the trial process.

Reporting of child sex abuse in Beit Shemesh doubled in 2013
This article provides a look into efforts and accomplishments by a child protection group called Magen to raise awareness and increase reporting of CSA within the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community in Israel.


2 thoughts on “CSA in the News August Round-Up

  1. I am so encouraged by the actions of the senior judge in England! The United States needs to take notice. Thank you for sharing the articles.

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