October CSA News Round-Up

Compiled by Kris

CSA in the U.S.

Missouri constitutional amendment would affect child sex abuse cases

US appeals court denies ex-Penn State coach’s request for new trial in child sex abuse case

Protect Youngest Victims
Opinion piece from St. Joseph, MO News-Press Now regarding the passing of an amendment which would allow evidence of past criminal behavior to be presented at child sexual abuse trials.

Proposed law would require teachers to report abuse allegations to police, not the principal
This article highlights changes in Pennsylvania’s mandatory reporter law.

Boxer Sugar Ray Leonard finds new arena as sexual abuse victim helping other survivors

‘Sexy’ costumes for kids is just wrong
Opinion article on the sexualization of children’s Halloween costumes.

CSA News Around the World

Art workshops to help victims of sexual abuse in Huntingdon
News story of a Huntingdon, UK charity which helps the victims of childhood abuse is launching an art therapy group for women.

Experts at UN meeting seek ways to stop online child abuse

Polish bishops apologize for clergy sexual abuse of children

New guidance for prosecutors shows courts are recognizing the needs of victims are paramount
This story details further progress in Britain’s efforts to protect CSA victims during the trial process.


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