WINGS’ Bloggers

Without our amazing bloggers, the WINGS Foundation blog couldn’t exist. They bring their ideas, stories, opinions, and heart into each and every blog post and we are so grateful that they are using their powerful voices to spread the word about the issues faced by adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse.

Meet Our Bloggers!

DSC_9670 (3)Pamela Roberts is a dedicated mother of four beautiful, intelligent and tenderhearted children. She loves to sing and make up silly songs/rhymes with her children. Over the 41 years of her life, Pamela has experienced and survived many incidents of sexual abuse by relying on her Christian faith.

Karen Jefferson kalidescope (3)We all have many facets to our personalities and Karen Jefferson is ready to share some of hers with you! Karen is a lover of outdoor activities, including rock climbing, hiking, riding her motorcycle and training for her first 5K run! In April 2013, Karen joined the WINGS Foundation board of directors where she focuses on raising awareness, money, or ideas about the WINGS mission. Karen has found tremendous value in WINGS’ Loved Ones group and she is excited to have an opportunity to share her thoughts with the blog’s readers!

ShawnaShawna Ervin is the mom of two kids who challenge her, bring her joy, help her heal and leave lots of crumbs so she can always find them. She dreamed of being a trapeze artist in the circus when she was a little girl, but gave that up due to a fear of heights and took up writing instead. Through writing she has uncovered her voice,  truth and a tribe where it’s socially acceptable to have quirks and always be looking for the deeper aspects of life.

Sexually abused as an adolescent by the pastor of his church, Joel Moore buried the memories for decades. He strugglejoeld with addictions, and kept a part of himself walled off from everyone, even from his wife, Amy. When their children came along, Joel became a full-time parent; however, the simmering secret threatened his marriage and impacted his ability to parent. In desperation, Joel committed himself to reading through the Gospel of John each day in one month. Joel credits this daily devotion with helping to finally unseal the long-buried memories of the abuse. He began writing in his journal, a practice that continues to the present and started his own web site ( Today, through writing and counseling, Joel is on the mend, and he and Amy are closer than ever.

Kristine WINGS bio pic (3)Kris spends her time as a singer, musician, and voiceover artist running her own studio teaching private voice and piano lessons. Music has been the most important emotional survival tool throughout Kris’s abuse and recovery. She plans to become a certified music therapist in the future. Kris is passionate about child abuse prevention and recovery, reaching male abuse survivors, and breaking the stigma of mental illness through advocacy and awareness. When she isn’t teaching, Kris likes to collect records, see underground bands, lollygag at museums, and take cheap, fabulous road trips. She loves laughing, fireworks and other sparkly things, and eating her share of Lutefisk (… and liking it!)


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